Brackets and Hold Downs

In addition to looking its best, there are all sorts of practical reasons to secure your Heatpump Cover in place. We make sure that you have options when it comes to holding your cover down so that when you set it straight, it stays straight. The crisp lines of our covers work beautifully with the lines of your building and keeping things in position ensures they continue to work in harmony while standing up to wind, knocks or someone looking for a place to lean.

Ground Brackets - Standard Option

All Heatpump Covers come with a discrete tab at the base of each post, through which a fixing can be passed. We supply our covers with 316 grade stainless TEK screws and masonry plugs to cover fixing to most surfaces. These can be removed easily if you are using one of our optional bracket systems.

Wall Ties

When fixing to the ground is not an option due to waterproof membranes or surfaces unable to accept fixings, we also offer the option of our wall tie brackets. When using these brackets, the weight of the cover is taken by the ground surface and the brackets maintain the correct position. These can be ordered separately from our online shop. They will be powder coated to match your cover ordered. If you have ordered covers of different colours or the brackets on their own, we will make contact to confirm their colour with you.

Wall Hanging Brackets

You may have a situation where your heat pump is wall mounted higher off the ground. For this we offer the wall hanging kit. This kit mounts the cover with the weight borne only by the wall itself. It mounts independently to the heat pump so it must be ensured that the wall can accept a structural fixing. Concrete walls and timber claddings are sufficient but provision may need to be made within the cladding for rendered panels, pressed metal cladding or others.

Also available by special order is a lid for the underneath of the cover if it is set high enough off the ground to require one.


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