Getting the Right Size

If you are working off the brochure dimensions of the outoor unit please make the following allowances:

For Width - brochures usually just give the width of the main 'box' of the outdoor unit. Some units have a shroud on the right hand side where the pipe work exits and this usually adds around 70-80mm of additional overall width to the heatpump. Other units have this built in to the overall shape of the unit and the brochure measurements can be considered an accurate representation.

For Height - it is common for outdoor units to be mounted on either raised feet or a bracket. Our covers are designed to reach to the ground. We allow 100mm of additional height on top of the brochure height as a general rule to cover the most common styles of installation.

For Depth - This is the front to back measurement of your outdoor unit excluding any additional mounting feet underneath. Our covers allow for the mounting system to protrude 50mm beyond the front of the unit while still fitting inside the cover.

This is typical across all brands of Heatpumps.
If you have any queries around your unit size we are more than happy to help out as we have most likely seen it before. So please feel free to send an enquiry through. You can also access more comphrehensive sizing information through the technical manual or have a chat to your helpful installer.

Below is a Mitsubishi Electric GL25.

It is represented on the brochure at 800mm wide. The bump on the right hand side adds an additional 70mm for a total width of 870mm. Height is represented at 550mm high. After allowing an additional 100mm, new total height is 650mm. This unit is a perfect fit in our small size cover.

Below is a Mitsubishi Electric PUMY -SP80.

It is represented in the brochure at 1050mm wide. The pipe connections are integrated within the 'box'of the outdoor unit and this dimension can be considered accurate. Height is represented at 981mm, with the addition of 100mm mounting feet, total height is 1081mm. This unit fits perfectly under our Extra Large size cover with the optional height reduction to 1110mm overall (cost is adjusted down on the selection of this option to reflect reduced height).


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